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St Therese Youth (S.T.Y)
The St Therese Youth (now also known as A.C.T.S) was established in 1999 and is still going strong. The group consists of young adults of many different cultures such as Samoan, Indian, Tongan, Zimbabwean and more who are committed to their Catholic faith and the Parish.
A.C.T.S participate in many activities at Church, for example, singing at Sunday mass, performing at parish social gatherings, cleaning the church, organising and assisting in parish events and participating in many other spiritual programs. The youth are also active outside church, participating in youth concerts and socialising with other youth groups.

A.C.T.S ~ A Call To Serve



A.C.T.S participate in many liturgical and spiritual activities in the Parish. In addition to that they also have fun activities, picnics, movie nights and sleepovers.

The following is a timeline* for each month:

  • 2nd Sunday after 9.30am Mass: "Youth Time" to enjoy spending time with each other. A time to build our relationships with each other. A time to come together as One. A time of prayer, games and other activities including food!!
  • Saturday (6pm) before 4th Sunday: Choir Practice. A time devoted to fulfill our liturgical responsibilities.
  • 4th Sunday: Youth Mass.

*Please note that this schedule is subject to change. This is only to give you a brief idea of what we do at a Parish level.

Wanna join A.C.T.S?

If you are interested in making new friends, using your musical talents, sharing your faith or for more info on A.C.T.S, then contact the Parish office on (09) 620 9689 and ask for contact details for Taka Vuni & Fidelis Drinnan-Lemana